Innovative Ways Industries Use Glove Box Systems

Portable Glove Box Systems - Lab Bubble

Portable glove box systems have become a necessary part of almost all manufacturing and scientific experimentation sectors. Industries like medical supplies manufacturers, biological research facilities, food processing, electronic and pharmaceuticals, all make use of glove boxes to yield improved productions. Today manufacturing industries are under strict supervision to determine whether they follow necessary safety protocols. The glove box was first used back in the 1940s as a controlled environment for the military to work with radioactive material. These specialized devices were then adapted by medical researchers who were studying on different viruses and pathogens for making vaccines and other pharmaceutical products.

Now, glovebox systems have become necessary for several industries like the pharmaceutical industry, medical industry (research), electronics industry, and so on. Nowadays, the glovebox system is used in ways that have a significant impact on our lives. Below mentioned are some of the innovative ideas for which industries have applied the use of glovebox systems.

  • Study of Meteorites

Science foundations and space centers have used portable glove box systems to study meteorites and stardust to gain insight into the solar system; they are also being employed to study various elements to give the scientists a better understanding of life. Space rocks also contain numerous elements that give scientists more information the on composition, age and evolution of the solar system. Housing space rocks and stardust under study inside glov boxes prevents moisture from damaging these specimens.

  • Lithium Battery Electrodes Packaging

Lithium batteries are used in a number of ways ranging from cellphone batteries to medical and military applications; they have significantly affected our lives. While lithium seems like a harmless element, lithium batteries explode if exposed to oxygen during the sealing process. That is why battery manufacturers now use glove box systems to protect them from oxygen exposure and seal them in the controlled environment. A humidity-controlled isolated system allows the workers to work with the material inside under self-ionizing capability and required radio frequency sealing.

  • Handling Suspicious Mails

Postal services use portable glove box systems to protect personnel when any suspicious mail is identified. Today, there are more possibilities of bioterrorism, specially crafted viruses and diseases, of being sent through the post. Anyone who comes in contact is affected, so specially devised glovebox compartments are used by postal services to handle any suspicious mail as per protocol. The suspicious mail goes through filters while being kept in a sealed area. Thanks to such a devise and protocol, there is a significant decline in incidents occurring as a result of being delivered through the post.

  • Horticulture Research

Uniquely structured glovebox systems allow horticultural researchers to study plant development and monitor the environment that affects plant growth. Such compartments have top-level vents that permit researchers to control the flow of carbon dioxide into them, while an air meter present keeps track of the oxygen level inside the chamber. At the base are hollow tubes that allows for camera access to observe soil quality and root growth. Some have plastic dividers for multiple environmental controllers within a single glovebox. Each chamber has separate vents, glove ports and secure access doors, and is ideal for floral experimentation.