Glove Bubble – Portable Glove Box System

The Glove Bubble provides a sealed compartment for sensitive sample handling. Each Glove Box includes:

  • Gas inlet and outlet ports for creating specific gas conditions.
  • Transfer hatch to control the entry in and out of the Bubble without affecting the atmosphere.
  • Internal Electrical supply
  • Butadyl Gauntlet gloves

Download the technical specification of this portable laboratory glove Box, using the following button.
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The Glove Bubble is a bench mounted enclosure that provides a sealed environment for samples. Each Glovebox system includes utility (gas) connections to offer the control of atmospheres internally.
The inflatable seal expands to protect samples from any external contaminants and atmospheres. A transfer tunnel allows the user controlled access into the enclosure without having to remove the top cover.

Performance: Pressure decay tested
Utility: Internal power socket
Push fit 8mm pneumatic gas connection x 2

Weight: 10kg
Base: 10mm Chemically Resistant HDPE
Top: 6mm Chemically Resistant Acrylic
Gloves: Butadyl
Inflatable Seal: FDA Approved Silicone
Transfer Hatch: Cast Acrylic
Accessories: Temperature Monitoring, Humidity Monitoring, Additional Utility Ports

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User Install, No Engineer Required, Pre Validated and Tested System, Documentation Pack Provided.