Portable bench mounted Fume Hood


Portable bench mounted  Fume Hood


Save Energy & Facility Costs

Energy efficient and low noise electronics keep energy running costs low.

Portable & Lightweight

Quick to assemble and easy to relocate. Fits onto any standard workbench and  through standard doorways.  

Frees up Fume Hood Space

No connection to the house facility extract required. User can carry out safe and simple filter changes.

Winner of The Queen’s Awards: Innovation 2019

Lab-Bubble™ is a low cost, re-circulatory fume hood system, fully performance tested
and designed as an entry unit to the general laboratory market.

Safe Change Filtration
Easily upgraded & adapted
Easy to Clean & Maintain
Pre-Tested & Validated
Documentation Pack Provided
Chemical Resistant contruction
Ergonomic Design
Excellent Visibility
Quick assembly, no engineer required

Lab-BubbleTM environments

Lab-Bubble™ currently offers four different types of controlled environments

Safety Bubble – Portable Fume Cupboard

Safety Bubble

Operator Protection when handling hazardous chemicals

Blue Bench Mounted Portable PCR Workstation

PCR Clean Air Bubble

Environment for the handling of sensitive PCR reagents

PCR Still Air Bubble

Sample handling area for PCR reagent preparation

Portable laboratory enclosure

Glove Bubble

Sealed environment for sensitive sample handling

lab-Bubble tm meets your specific needs

Easily upgrade and adapt your Bubble using a range of accessories or alternatively, enquire about bespoke alterations to meet your specific needs.

Worldwide Supply

Lab-Bubble TM systems are a 100% British designed and manufactured world-leading innovation, built in their Portsmouth, UK facilities, and supplied worldwide with systems being used throughout Europe, USA, Africa, Asia and Australia.

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